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Prabhat Giri

Full Stack Software Engineer

My story

A day in 2nd year of my engineering changed my life , i was watching The Social network.Mark zuckerberg and his story inspired me to do something different and that day i decided my fate, got into Software development, started learning and launched my very first e commerce Shippme (i turned it off unfortunately), i ran the business for 2 years or so. The love , inspiration , support i got was remarkable, i never thought my vision would be loved that much, i had to shut Shippme down because of some economical problem but i never looked behind. I kept learning and motivating myself and gradually fell in love with the technology.

What i do
Technologies i live with
Personal Projects

Quotit | Android App

Quotit is an app that is for people who look forward to inspire themself by reading inspirational and motivational quotes.Using quotit you can read and listen to beautiful quotes which are updated everyday and even you can create your own quotes and share them with friends.


An online client side code editor for practising Web programming with feature of adding external javascript and css libraries. With this tool Programmers can write , save and share source code with their friends aswell.


An online platform for people to read and write.I always wanted to make something social where people get a chance to get together.


The first work i did when was in second year of engineering (2012). It was an ecommerce platform for geeks like me and other engineering students to buy their engineering books

Black money insights (Currently Unavailable)

After the indian govt took the decision to pull down the higher value currency notes , i thought i should make something to help the govt and the people in uprooting black money , through the app people were able to send details of any black money holder to the govt, they were able to participate in public polls and get latest news on black money.

Other Major Projects

Addatimes (Web)

An online video streaming portal with Bengali content.I have been working in this project for last 1.5 years and has learned a lot , specially Managing videos and other PODCASTS and programming for HLS(HTTP live stream) videos.

Addatimes (Mobile apps )

Mobile apps for Addatimes for both Android and IOS Platform with Angular js, Ionic Framework , Cordova and Phonegap

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